I met her as Didi and later Khumo’s mom. The lady with the gorgeous afro and the warmest Sunday morning smile.

With our first few encounters, she spoke briefly about being part of the public protector’s office. Yet the opportunity never arose for me to begin the peel back the layers on this inspirational lady.

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This recently changed.

Amanda and I are now in the same boat, the entrepreneur/consultant/freelancer boat. This seems to be a boat that brings like minded and spirited people together.  People who do not just think outside of the box. Forward thinking individuals who tend to cut up the box and multiply its usability ten fold.

I recently noticed a new hash tag on Amanda’s posts #MyMentor #MyMentee and so I asked her about it. Nothing prepared me for the amazing surprise that landed in my inbox.

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How it all got started.

My Mentor My Mentee is a mentorship program for LLB female students studying through UNISA, The program was launched in May 2017 by Amanda M Legal Consultancy as an initiative to give back to the community.

The program was inspired by a young first-year student who is studying through UNISA for her LLB Degree, the young lady related a story of how she suffered abuse from the people that were entrusted to educate, support and protect her.

She was offered mentorship by a male attorney who in turn ended up abusing her.

The young lady’s story is not isolated the legal sector is currently male dominated and it is extremely difficult for a young part time female student to get all the needed resources and assistance in order for them to succeed within the profession, finding a good lawyer and or advocate to guide and encourage for most young women has become nearly impossible.

Where does the program stand now?

The program currently has more than 30 female Unisa LLB students. We connect these students with successful female attorneys and advocates both in the private and public sector. The mentorship program aims to empower and educate the young women by providing a safe and secure platform for them to explore the opportunities that are within the legal sector.

Who is involved in this program?

The head of the Mentorship program is Advocate N Kanyane one of the lead investigator in the ” State Capture ” report by the then Public Protector Advocate TN Madonsela.

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The program seeks to be a bridge from being a female student to entering into the legal practice as a a female profession.

Mentees: Female LLB Students from Unisa

Mentors: Female attorneys and advocates both within the private and public sector.

No registration fee: The program is currently funded by Amanda M Legal Consultancy.


Just like that my appreciation for this amazing woman quadrupled. She is a mother and a wife. As a hostess, she serves whole heartedly in her local church.  She is an entrepreneur AND she finds the time to make our beautiful country a better place.

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Amanda, I salute you. May you reap the rewards of all the lives that you are busy changing. May you reap honour’s fullest reward. With people like you around, there is hope for a better future for our country.

Should you require more information about this mentorship program, please feel free to email Amanda on info@amandam.co.za