I am not too sure about your family, but in our home salads and fruit are the highlight of our summer meal times. We firmly believe that no meal should be boring, so we have our eyes on some of these cool kitchen gadgets:

Our family loves kiwi fruit. This gadget has a little plastic blade with which you can slice the fruit in half and then you use the rest of the utensil to separate the fruit from its hairy skin.






This versatile vegetable slicer takes the hard work out of slicing apples, onions etc. It easily removes the core and leaves you with 8 equal pieces.






We love beautiful salads and what better way than to slice your fruit and veg into gorgeous spirals. Let your artistic side show with these two vegetable slicers.




This set that contains a paring knife and two scoops helps you to both separate fruits like mangoes from their skin and to make fruit also from the flesh of melons, paw-paws, dragon fruit etc.






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