Today is your 8th birthday Miachlan Izan Welsh.

You are my reminder to not initiate things in my own strength and to not try and answer my prayers myself. You are my reminder that true healing comes only when we acknowledge that we have finally hit the Rock at our rock bottom…. You remind me daily that God’s power is the only power that I want at work in my life.

You are starting to outgrow your obsession with pink.. but now you are torn between purple and red.

You are still a hard-core princess, but now you have a love for opera, hard rock, acrobatic dancing, and contemporary dancing.

Your next BIGGEST dream right now is to do horse riding and own your own horse. So that is the new goal that we are all working towards.

Today your birthday card said: Everyday you sparkle, but today you rule. Our prayer is that from this day forward that you will rule over the territory that the Lord has allocated to you, even before you were born. May you rule like a true queen Ester, with the heart of a servant.

You LOVE loving on people, you love GIVING even if it means you have less than you need. Sometimes your compassion is bigger than you are.

My heart melted when you spent your birthday morning serving in our Dad’s house… watching your prep communion with the hostesses was one of the most humbling sights.

In the afternoon we ate your favourite lunch (spiral chips on a stick) and then we watched a movie at your favourite cinema and you even got a special birthday wish from Claire-Bear whom you have grown so fond of.

When we came home you made your first vile of homemade perfume… I am convinced that this is one of those days we need to take note of because it will be significant in the narrative of your BIG story.

Happy birthday, princess, you are loved, blessed and highly favoured.

Ps. I know at the moment you hate being called small, you are annoyed when people say you look too short or too small for your age… but I want you to remember that it is not how big you are on the outside that matters, it is how big you are on the inside. Remember always how strong ants are, and that their strength is multiplied by their ability to function as a unit.

P.p.s Today you witnessed one of my most epic parent fails…. I wrapped your birthday card up with your presents without writing in it. *Face Palm* It made sure we started your birthday laughing. Thank you for loving me in spite of these epic fails.