My main goal for 2018 was to become less busy, but more productive, and for a good part of the year I managed to work towards this goal. And then life happened. I said yes to more than what I should have, I found out I was pregnant and my perception of what is possible for us as a family changed.

All these changes were not bad. Many of them brought restoration and new direction, but somehow I did not offload what I needed to offload in order to embark on our new journey. Somehow I have over-committed myself on so many levels, and in the last week it finally caught up with me.

Without going into too much detail, I dropped some balls and my ego is still reeling in pain because I don’t drop the ball and I usually pick up on my own mistakes way before others do. Add to my over commitment a good dose of pregnancy brain (watch out for a post on this in the near future) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Here is the catch, while the diagnosis is the first step in recovery and while it is important it is often the easiest. The tricky part comes now to remedy the situation and mop up the mess while doing damage control and preserving relationships. You see healthy relationships is the key to a prosperous life, everything in life comes through relationship and the quicker we learn to get better at relationships the quicker we will be able to leverage relationships to benefit all parties and prosper all parties.

Ironically it is often our drive to kick-start relationships that cause us to over commit. In our microwave society, we have forgotten that relationships are not instant and that we need not get entangled in one another’s business hook, line, and sinker within the first week of meeting. We forget that it takes time and patience and healthy boundaries to build relationships that can stand the test of time.

When once has over-committed in many areas, you, however, stand the chance of hurting essential relationships and therefore one needs to detangle the mess of over commitment carefully. (One I have figured out how to do this, I will share my experience, but for now, it is time to put my head down and finish what I have started, so that I can start 2019 fresh, with a clean slate, with a new resolve to become less busy, yet more productive.)

Do you have any productivity tips? Or would you like to tell us how you prevent yourself from over-committing, especially as a freelancer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.