If I could compare our lives over the last 15 years together to a life-size, ever-changing tapestry, could you imagine how colourful and unique our design would be by now? What an amazing mixture of thin thread, the finest thread and all the threads in between?

Sure we have woven back to front, upside down and inside out (we have a knack for not conforming to the norm), but there are so much richness and beauty in how this picture has come together so far. When I look at what we have built and celebrated over the last 15 Christmases here is what I see:

  • I see an unrelenting love that never gives up and never stops loving, even when people choose to walk away.
  • I see victory over every situation and every obstacle, even when the wounds were deep, the losses, great and the injuries severe.
  • I see so much seed that has been sown, that I can not wait for the harvest to come in. (I have come to the conclusion that we are asparagus farmers, not maize farmers, our crop seems to take longer to grow and yield.)
  • I see selfless servanthood powered by compassion, not pity.
  • I see strength in unity (in spite of it taking us a while to figure out how this unity thing works.)
  • I see a family:
    • a family who is not scared of doing things differently,
    • a family cut from a different cloth,
    • a family with real struggles, but who are learning to walk in peace through the shadow of the valley of death, instead of hitting panic stations.
  • I see a future brighter than we could ever have imagined. I see HOPE, PEACE, LOVE, and JOY in abundance.
  • I see large family gatherings with parents and siblings, children and grandchildren, and a safe place for the lonely, the lost and the hopeless.
  • I see more lives changed than we will ever be able to imagine. More people loved than anyone could ever count.
  • I see a positive influence marked by:
    • God’s righteousness,
    • God’s love,
    • God’s truth and
    • God’s grace.

After 15 Christmases where we have unwrapped no gifts, extravagant gifts, and humble gifts, I can not wait to unwrap the greatest gift of all… a lifetime of celebrations with you!