Hello There….

I like you already! Yeah… unique, amazing you. I suspect that you too may be looking around for Unshakable Peace and True Beauty.

I get it. Me too — I am doing my best to be the best mom and wife, to chase my dreams and show my children that the only limit to your potential is your imagination. But in reality, sometimes I am peddling with all my might just to keep my head above the water.

And yes, I do it too – I find reasons to stay up late just to find a quiet corner where I can just be me.

I do not believe that meeting anyone is ever a coincidence…. I am excited about the purpose behind us meeting!

I’m Liza Welsh, no second name, and Liza is not short for Elizabeth. I am wife to the local Mr Incredible, mommy to 4, and honestly, I’m a little bit broken. I am possibly one of the most enthusiastic wannabe organised individuals you will meet.

I am still so far away from who and where I want to be… but thank the Lord I am not where and who I used to be.

Grace is the most amazing of all.

I chose an instant family at 19. I had a baby at 21. I dropped out of college and I dropped out of a promising career.

I instead wanted more from life. I wanted freedom, peace, simplicity and joy. We chose down scaled living and a gravel road that leads to an old farm house instead of the rat race. I wanted to be home with the kids. I wanted them to be the center of my life. I wanted to be good at gardening and baking and sewing.

I learned how to make home made yogurt and rusks. I made cream cheese from scratch and butter by hand. I had 1 more baby…

… and then I got side tracked.

I forgot what I really wanted. I have spent the last 9 years freelancing as a designer at night. I have stayed up late for too long for too little money and all I can show for it is a serious caffeine addiction and lost time.

Earlier this year I had another baby…

and with that God came and rearranged my schedule and started simplifying my life by adding another little human. As His plan is slowly unfolding, I am becoming a living canvas that proves that God really does use broken, messed up, and fallible lives anyways.

He has dusted off my old dreams, given me bigger ones. He ignited a burning desire in me to beat all the odds. He has given me a new vision, a new heart and a new hunger to make a difference… hence my re-invention and rediscovery of myself… the reframing of The Roaring Strawberry.

Who is Roaring Strawberry?

Well, my laundry basket is never empty and the floors are often not very clean. I would be lost without my husband. We have too many dogs. My kids cook most of the time. My words are often characterised by more truth than grace. I homeschool our crazy kids and most days I feel just a tad bit overwhelmed and even a little lost.

But I am a mom who is on a mission to crack open a treasure chest of OPTIONS for my kids. I live a life that will show them that staying down (when life had dam nearly knocked you out with another sucker punch) is NOT an option. I want to eradicate the inheritance of mal-nutrition in our beautiful country. I want to eradicate the epidemic of obesity in our nation. I want to empower moms to take charge of their finances.

I want South Africa to be the healthiest country in the whole world… and I want to start by changing 100 000 lives.

Our articles and conversations will center around becoming happier healthier. Our main comodity on this blog is HOPE. We look forward to inspiring you and blowing you away.