We are all there… you are drowning because your to do list is piling up and you are simply not getting to everything. You are dropping the ball in so many areas. Either your husband, or the kids, or the boss or a client or a parent or sibling or friend will feel that you don’t care because you are not giving them your attention. Secretly you are super excited that you are still have some balls in the air. Your current survival strategy is trying to survive by making sure that you do not drop the same ball two days in a row, that way the kids won’t feel that unloved and Hubby will not feel rejected two days in a row. The same client will also not yell on two consecutive days… so technically you should get by. But when drop too many OR all of the balls, we all do the same thing:

We straighten our headbands for another comeback

Yeah, I do it too… you cry an ugly cry in the bathroom and then muster up all your energy and courage.. you transform into Rambo Mom for a day or two… energy spraying out like a machine gun; raining down bullets on your multiple targets.

You are blowing stuff up left right and center and it looks damn impressive. You feel good because you feel powerful… until you need to deal with the aftermath of that energy expenditure. Your body aches, your mind is fried… but when you take stock of what you actually accomplished, you find that you missed so many of your targets… BUT the day looked impressive from the outside so we do this again and again… we line up comeback after comeback.

But what if we can break the cycle of comebacks?

Now imagine what we an achieve if we took that same energy and rather disciplined ourselves to be like Jason Bourne, using our sniper riffle to hit one target at a time… strategically and methodically. It looks less impressive, with less noise but it will be more effective.

And the key is our routine, knowing what needs to be done when we wake up and doing it one thing at a time. It takes practice because snipers are not born hitting the target every time, they had to practice over and over and over again. They start with targets that are closer to them, shooting at it over and over until they hit them automatically. As they master the closer shots, they move onto the long shots.

Okay so what now?

Why not use a few minutes this weekend and plan your days next week. Put non-negotiable, smaller tasks, on your list and do them first, before the day runs out on you. Then take stock at night and repeat what worked, adjust what did not work and shoot again in the morning.

Also remember to breathe. Breathing is apparently one of they things snipers need to learn to control (I have not had the energy to look into why, but it makes sense in a way)… so as you embark on your more strategic approach to your to do list, your work, your marriage, your children… remember to BREATHE mommy… stop holding your breath, you brain needs the oxygen.

So here is to a week of fewer explosions, less innocent bystanders getting hit in the face, breathing more often and hitting more targets.