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Another Thursday Morning

It is 8:47 on a Thursday morning, I have been working for an hour or so, the kids are starting to wake from their sleep. No it is not school holidays, it is just an ordinary Thursday morning. Why is this significant? For me itis a milestone because when I started this homeschooling journey 8 years ago, I believed that we had to be up at the crack of dawn and that we had to have our noses in our books by 7:30 or else I would be a bad mom and that the kids would completely fail at life. Continue reading Another Thursday Morning

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Video of the Week: How a Watch Can Keep My Child Safe

The biggest risk / fear for any parent is not knowing where your child is. A major challenge is choosing the right GPS watch and application that suits you. Prevention is the best protection. With Smart Safe you can easily and accurately pinpoint the location of your loved ones at any time of the day. It’s a two-way street: your kids will feel secure knowing that you can find them wherever they go.

For more information visit our Smart Safe Products Page.

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Raising Resilient But Gentle Children

Coming to the knowledge that your child (of any age) is being unfairly treated, hurt or bullied brings out the mamma bear and the dada giant in each of us. I know from personal experience that it takes a huge amount of restraint to not squeeze into my Wonder Woman suit and cause the guilty party to wonder what happened to them.  Continue reading Raising Resilient But Gentle Children