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Websites are not optional, they are esential

Every business should have a website that works. No matter how big or small.

Your website should turn visitors into customers; and customers into family.

Setting up your website should be a pleasure and not a nightmare. We do all the hard work.

You should not have to know all the website jargon or lingo, that is our job.

Here is some of our work

Here is some of our work

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*free setup for 1 page websites. R100 per month hosting fee applies.

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A website is an esential business tool. It is our mission to build as many websites as we can for small to medium businesses. These websites are designed to turn website visitors into customers.

All websites occupy a space on a server. The fee for renting that space is known as your hosting fee. Roaring Strawberry builds free, non-animated, 1 Page websites for each of our hosting customers. Hosting starts from R100 per month. 

To claim your FREE Website setup, all you need to do is apply on the link here below.