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Use the following checklist to assess whether your social media manager is delivering value and meeting your business goals. This checklist includes measurable metrics to help you evaluate their performance effectively.

1. Goal Alignment:

  • Are the social media manager’s efforts aligned with your business objectives and marketing goals?
  • Are there clear, measurable goals in place (e.g., increase website traffic, generate leads, boost brand awareness)?

2. Content Quality:

  • Is the content created and shared on social media of high quality, visually appealing, and engaging?
  • Are posts consistent with your brand’s voice and messaging?

3. Posting Consistency:

  • Is there a consistent posting schedule, including frequency and timing for each platform?
  • Are posts published on time and in accordance with the content calendar?

4. Audience Engagement:

  • Are social media posts generating likes, comments, shares, and other forms of engagement?
  • Is there active interaction with the audience through responses to comments and messages?

5. Follower Growth:

  • Is there steady growth in the number of followers or fans on your social media profiles?
  • Are followers organically acquired and relevant to your target audience?

6. Traffic and Conversions:

  • Is social media driving traffic to your website, blog, or landing pages?
  • Are there measurable conversions such as sign-ups, downloads, or sales attributed to social media efforts?

7. Social Media Advertising:

  • If using paid social media advertising, are ad campaigns well-planned and optimized for ROI?
  • Are ad budgets managed effectively to maximize results?

8. Analytics and Reporting:

  • Is your social media manager regularly providing detailed analytics reports?
  • Are key performance indicators (KPIs) tracked, and are improvements made based on data insights?

9. Crisis Management:

  • Has your social media manager effectively handled any negative comments, reviews, or online crises?
  • Is your brand’s online reputation being actively managed and maintained?

10. Platform Diversity:

  • Is your social media presence diversified across relevant platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)?
  • Are there valid reasons for selecting or excluding specific platforms based on your target audience and goals?

11. Keeping Up with Trends:

  • Is your social media manager staying updated on the latest social media trends and platform changes?
  • Are they incorporating innovative strategies and features as appropriate?

12. Cost-Effectiveness:

  • Are you achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) from your social media efforts?
  • Are you spending resources wisely and efficiently?

13. Communication and Collaboration:

  • Is there open and effective communication between you and your social media manager?
  • Do they collaborate with other departments or team members when necessary?

14. Strategy Adjustments:

  • Is your social media strategy flexible enough to adapt to changes in your business or the external environment?

15. Compliance and Ethics:

  • Are your social media activities in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards?

Regularly reviewing this checklist can help you ensure that your social media manager is delivering value and contributing to your business’s growth. Be prepared to discuss areas of improvement and work together to refine your social media strategy as needed.

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