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Setting Up Email on your Computer

To setup your computer to send/receive email, you must already have the email account created in your Control Panel. You will need the following information when following the step by step instructions below for your email program. Required Information Setup Instructions

Setting Up Your Email On Your Phone

n order to set up email on your mobile phone, you first must have a smartphone that is email-enabled through a built-in application or one you can download from an app store. Almost all modern smartphones are produced with one of the two reigning mobile operating systems: android and iOS. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fundamentals of connecting these devices to the most popular email services. Android Email Setup iOS Email Setup There are hundreds of mail applications that can enable your smartphone with additional email features. Most common email providers (Outlook, Gmail, Aol, Yahoo, etc) can be added in a similar manner stated above via the built-in email application. Not sure what to do next, send a screenshot to 074 120 0279 on whatsapp.